12 weeks

Finally have crossed the threshold into the second trimester. I’ve been feeling pretty good, except for a stomach bug we got all last week. Mostly just tired and hungry!

We find out if the nugget is a boy or a girl in 2 weeks and 2 days(!!!). SOOO excited and a little nervous. I’m 99% sure we have final names picked.

It has all been going pretty fast. Some days that are tough obviously are longer, but holy crap 2nd tri…already?! Doesn’t seem real. In some ways I still feel like this is all a dream.

I’ve been thinking a lot about logistics of 3 under 2 and trying to plan how we will handle the challenges. I am not in love with triple strollers so I’m most likely going to rely on babywearing. I’m having fun researching more about it and getting some new pretties. I’m dying to start the nursery but am restraining myself for now.

We will probably be more limited as to where we go. We still will be able to if necessary if course, but going out is less fun the more kids you have to buckle and unbuckle. Thankfully we’ve gotten lots of fun outdoor toys so our own backyard has been great when the weather is good.

I’m so excited about having another little squish. I miss the baby days a lot. I know some people feel like they are drowning in the newborn days, but I felt so capable. Toddlers are a much different story! They are tough. I go to bed feeling defeated and exhausted much more these days than I did with tinies. I know they will still be toddlers when this baby shows up though, so that is definitely a little frightening.

Here he/she is during the nt scan. Hope everyone is doing well :)


9 week update

Everything is going well with the little nugget :) I had an ultrasound yesterday as a 2 week follow up from the last one. He/she was measuring on track at 9w2d and I got to see some little wiggles. The best! The SCH seems to be resolving.


This pregnancy so far has been great. Maybe it is because the only thing I have to compare it to is a twin pregnancy, but I’ve been finding myself wondering if its really real! Next ultrasound is actually pretty soon, but then I will probably have a long wait for another. I can’t wait to find out gender – I’m so excited either way (though most of our family that knows is thinking pink). We will probably announce in about 3 more weeks though I haven’t thought of anything creative.

D and J are doing well, but D has still been tough. His diarrhea went away, but he has been in this crazy momma stage, plus he will.not. nap anymore! Maybe 30 mins I get out of him. Today he has had a waterfall runny nose and was up and down last night. We are also very much dealing with tempers and strong wills. J has started babbling a lot and saying “Yeah” and “Yes!” all the time. It’s really really cute.

Hope you all are doing well! :)

Sweet Pea

Had my regularly scheduled 1st u/s yesterday and our little sweet pea looked good. I was majorly nervous because my symptoms had gone MIA for a few days.


I did see the SCH this time, but the doctor wasn’t concerned. He did schedule me for a 9w scan though, which I am very thankful for. But otherwise the heartbeat was good (135) and he/she is measuring on track :)

Hope you all are doing well. D has had like, 14 diarrhea diapers in the past 36 hours and has the worst diaper rash. It is so pitiful :( J is having an eczema flare, though thankfully it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. This age is so amazing and so tough all at the same time.


I ended up getting my ultrasound anyway. I had a very scary bright red bleed plus cramping last night and ended up in the ER.

We (thankfully!!!) saw one little bean with a heartbeat of 117 measuring perfectly at 5w6d. They said I have a small SCH on the report, but I was talking with the tech during the scan and neither of us were sure we saw one. So I am majorly confused and scared that this could happen again.

She was pretty awesome. At first she was all like, “I cant tell you anything” etc and I thought she was going to be a b- about it, but I told her I had an ultrasound degree if she could just do me the courtesy of pointing the screen my way. When she saw the patch on my belly she was like, “Did you do fertility treatments? I have that exact same patch on right now.” She has an FET on the 17th in hopes for her second :) After that she was super nice and basically told me everything.

Its safe to say I will not be impatient again as long as I am not bleeding. I am the Queen of Patience.


Patience Is a Vitrue

*excuse the language, I just thought this was hilarious*

I thought I would be better at this the second time around. The waiting, not worrying, having patience.


My ultrasound was supposed to be Monday, but they decided I should be closer to 7 weeks so now it is not until next Monday (7w2d) and the wait is killing me. With the boys I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and THAT felt like forever. Ha!

I am bad about downplaying pregnancy symptoms, so even though it feels like I haven’t had any I know I have had a few. They just haven’t been strong or consistent. I am trying to remind myself that this is totally normal and on par with how I was with the boys, but it still fuels the worry monster to feel so normal.

Otherwise things have been good. I wondered how it would be to have to take care of twins and be pregnant and so far it is mostly the same except I don’t pick them both up at the same time at all any more. So that means twice as many trips up and down the stairs and a little more crying, but they’ll be fine. And I try to take naps when they do. Once they are in bed though I wonder every day if I am overdoing it.  Getting down in the floor, getting kicked while trying to wrangle a diaper on them, standing up, lifting, carrying, etc. I know they say that if your body was used to doing something before that you should be fine after you are pregnant…hopefully that is true!

I have been trying to get out with the boys to stay distracted. Yesterday we went to a not so kid-friendly area of town that I probably won’t be able/want to navigate alone with a third. It was pretty cold though (for us anyway). We had a 48 hour tease of good weather and I miss it so much. We got a water table and the boys were ALL about it. SO cute :)

Hope you all are doing well!!!

Beta #2

Beta was 1726 this morning (39 hour doubling time). Praise God!

I still haven’t heard from the doctor since I got the result via online portal, but I’m very VERY thankful for two good numbers. Now I’m going to *try* and breathe a little easier until the ultrasound.

Thank you for all the sweet comments you have left the past few posts. I love you guys :D

Beta Day

Beta was 311  (today is 10dp6dt)


I’m very happy with that number and to me it looks like just one, with the boys my beta was 451 two days earlier than this. Repeat beta on friday and if that goes well we will be moving forward!